Fundamental Materials of IC Test & Package Industry — Conductive Particles

Anlace Metal Corporation supplies conductive particles for semiconductor testing, showcasing excellent performance with low internal resistance.
These conductive particles are crucial for the next generation of IC testing industry, serving as key components in the construction of conductive rubber (PCR) and testing sockets.
The outstanding performance of these materials in IC testing applications ensures reliable electrical characteristics, contributing to the precision and reliability of IC testing application.
Anlace's conductive particles adhere to consistently high-quality standards in IC test & package industry, and they are currently adopted by multiple customers.

Metal content can be customer made

Gold series

Potassium dicyanoaurate (I)
CAS 13967-50-5
Sodium Tetrachloroaurate (Ⅲ)
CAS 13874-02-7

Silver series

Silver(Ⅰ) cyanide
CAS 506-64-9
Ptassium silver(Ⅰ) cyanide
CAS 506-61-6
Silver(Ⅰ) nitrate
CAS 7761-88-8

Platinum series

Hexachloro platinum(IV) acid
H2[PtCl6]・nH2O (n=6)
CAS 16941-12-1
Hexachloro platinum(IV) acid HCl soln.
H2[PtCl6]・nH2O / HCl

Palladium series

Palladium(II) chloride
CAS 7647-10-1
Tetraammine Dichloropalladium (Ⅱ)
CAS 13933-31-8

Metal Powder series

Gold Powder / sponge
Silver Powder/ sponge
Platinum Powder/ sponge
Palladium Powder sponge
Nickel Powder/ sponge
Copper Powder/ sponge

Metal coated & Alloy series

Silver coated Nickel powder/Silver coated Copper powder

Gold coated Nickel powder/Gold coated Copper powder

※Metal content can be customer made

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